Black Diamond-

Black Diamond

Black Diamond Jewelry


Since diamonds are associated with sparkling white brilliance, how can we explain the mysterious appeal of black diamond? This sleek modern gem is black as night, an inky bottomless pool. That doesn't mean it doesn't sparkle: its faceted surface reflects as only diamond can.

Opposites attract: black diamond is often paired with colorless diamond for the ultimate in contrast. Designs that have patterns in black and white diamond are very fashionable. Carmen Electra even has a black diamond engagement ring.

Like virtually all of the black diamonds available today, Facets by Susong's black diamonds have been enhanced by heat or irradiation to create a green so dark it appears black. Natural color black diamonds exist but they usually owe their dark color to small back inclusions so that the color is not as evenly distributed as in enhanced black gems.

The most famous black diamond is the 67-carat Black Orlov, which has been exhibited at the American Museum of Natural History. It was sold by Sotheby's in 1995 by the auction house for $1.5 million. Legend is that once the black diamond was once part of a 195-carat rough diamond called The Eye of Brahma that was stolen from a temple in India. The gem was then cursed, leading the owners to try to change their luck by cutting into three gems.

Black diamond is a durable gem suitable for everyday wear. To clean diamond jewelry, you can use mild dish soap or ammonia and water: use a toothbrush to scrub behind the stone where dust can collect. Ultrasonic cleaners are also a good way to clean your diamond jewelry.