Completely Custom Process

So you have an idea for a piece of jewelry that is unique to you, and your specific style. At Facets, our team of expert designers and craftspeople will work with you to take your idea to a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry! In the following steps, learn more about Facets “Completely Custom” process, and what you will need to get started designing your custom jewelry.

Step 1:
Contact any of the jewelry experts at Facets. You can do that here.

The first step in the “completely custom” process is all about information gathering. We will ask questions to understand what your ideal piece looks like. What is your design style? Do you like modern pieces, classic or vintage? What type or color of metal do you prefer? Gold, platinum or silver? Are their specific stones you want to include in your piece? Diamonds, gemstones or pearls? The more information we have in the beginning about your project, the better the outcome for you!

Step 2:
Once we have a thorough understanding of your project goals, we will prepare some initial sketches and designs. We will also create an estimate range for your project so you have an idea of costs associated with your “completely custom” piece.

Step 3:
In step 3, computer renderings of your piece will be generated and made available to you through your unique client page, accessed through A variety of options will be provided, to help you select your “completely custom” piece, at a price that works for you. When you find the option you love, there are a couple different ways to complete your order. You can order your piece directly from our website, call our store at 319.233.5357, or stop in during business hours if you’d like to meet face-to-face.

Step 4:
Once your order is completed, we will develop the models that will be used to produce your completely custom jewelry. Models will be created utilizing state-of-the art CNC milling and 3D printing, or more traditional methods like hand carving. Throughout this step, photographs of your piece will be loaded to your page, where you can make minor changes and/or approve the model for step 5.

Step 5:
This is where the magic happens. In step 5, our team of experts will craft your completely custom jewelry. When your completely custom jewelry is complete, it will be photographed, documented and prepared for you!

Step 6:
At this point, you are the proud owner of a completely custom piece of jewelry! Designed by you, and crafted by the experts at Facets. Be sure to snap photos and send to all your friends in your social networks. Please tag your photos with #facetsbysusong and #shapingmemories

Throughout the process, our “completely custom” concierge will be available to answer any questions you have about your piece. We collaborate with you to create the perfect piece for you, and want you to enjoy the process, too! Please contact us with any questions you have about the “completely custom” process. You can also click on the link below to see a gallery of other "completely custom" pieces. We look forward to working with you!

    Gallery Of Completed Pieces