Jewelry Appraisals

Jewelry Appraisal: It is a document you may receive from a high end jeweler or jewelry appraiser that describes the item of jewelry being valued and then gives a value that the item should be insured for.

Why should I get a jewelry appraisal?

Sadly, accidents happen. Say you lose your center stone or your whole ring, if properly insured, the insurance company will cover your costs to replace what has been lost.  

Jewelry not only has sentimental or emotional value, but it also has monetary value. In order to have your piece of jewelry insured, the insurance company needs to have a written appraisal on it. Appraisals should also be updated every 3 to 5 years.

Facets has been doing appraisals for over 45 years. Your item is appraised right in our store and never leaves it. When you drop-off an item to be appraised it takes on average a day or two to complete. Make sure your most precious items are current and properly insured!