Diamond Jewelry


The Romans thought diamonds were so brilliant they must be fallen stars. Born deep within the earth millions of years ago, diamonds have come to symbolize forever. Combine unrivalled hardness with brilliance and fire and you have the world's most popular gem.

The ancient Greeks called diamond "adamas," meaning invincible, theorizing that something so beautiful must be the crystallized teardrops of the gods.

Most couples around the globe mark their engagement with a diamond ring. Three stone diamond rings that symbolize past, present and future are a popular choice for an anniversary gift. Diamonds dazzle on every red carpet and draw crowds to museums.

Diamonds are judged according to the 4Cs: color, clarity, cut and carat weight. For color and clarity, less is more. Gems with the least amount of color and the fewest imperfections are the most rare and valuable. The bigger the diamond, the higher its carat weight and the more it costs per carat. Cut is arguably the most important value factor because the quality of a diamond's cut gives it its life and sparkle.

The diamonds Facets buy Susong offers are exceptionally fine: a minimum G-H in color, at least SI2 in clarity, and cut to dance with brilliance. We also offer a wide range of center diamonds in every shape, size, and quality to add more sparkle to your favorite design. Facets by Susong's center diamonds above one-third carat are accompanied by a third-party laboratory report from the prestigious Gemological Institute of America Laboratory or American Gem Society Laboratory assuring their quality. All of our diamonds have Kimberley Process Warrants, confirming that they are conflict-free.

Diamond is the birthstone for April and the gem of the 10th and 60th anniversary.

Diamond isn't unbreakable but it's pretty close. Avoid sharp blows with cleavers. To clean diamond jewelry, you can use mild dish soap or ammonia and water: use a toothbrush to scrub behind the stone where dust can collect. Ultrasonic cleaners are also a good way to clean your diamond jewelry.