Palladium Jewelry


Palladium is the newest precious metal. A platinum group metal, palladium is rare, lustrous, and naturally white. Palladium has the purity and white tone of platinum but is less dense, making it more affordable.

From the same metal family as platinum, palladium is a naturally bright white metal. However, palladium is lighter and less dense than platinum, which also means that it's lighter on your wallet. Since palladium isn't as heavy as platinum, you can wear elaborate palladium earrings or large palladium bracelets without feeling like a heavy weight is pulling you down.

And just like platinum, palladium jewelry is 95% pure, which means you get more precious metal in your jewelry: White gold is only 58.5% pure. And while white gold needs rhodium plating to keep it shiny, palladium jewelry does not. In fact, palladium is often used in white gold alloys. And your palladium jewelry won't tarnish like sterling silver. If you suffer from nickel allergies, you may have found your new favorite metal; palladium jewelry is hypoallergenic and highly unlikely to affect you. Many designers prefer working with palladium because the metal is more malleable and can be used in very fine, intricate jewelry.

Palladium wedding bands are becoming increasingly popular since most people can't tell palladium and platinum jewelry apart, especially since a pair of palladium bands are a far more affordable option. And because palladium doesn't weigh a lot, you can set large gemstones like rubies, diamonds, or emeralds securely and your palladium jewelry won't tip you over. Plus, with all the money you'll save by buying palladium, you'll be able to afford bigger jewels.

Clean your palladium earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings in warm water with a soft brush or cloth. At Facets by Susong, we only use recycled or responsibly mined palladium in our handcrafted palladium jewelry. Our palladium designs are made in the United States and are meant to be passed down for generations.

Palladium Benefits
  • From the same metal family as platinum
  • Like platinum, palladium is 95% pure and hypoallergenic
  • More affordable than platinum
  • Naturally bright white metal that won't tarnish
  • Unlike white gold, palladium has no rhodium coating