Warranty Policy

At Facets we are proud of every one of our products. Each piece is designed and crafted to the highest standard of quality in material and craftsmanship. Our warranty covers for the life (original owner) of the piece sold against loss or breakage of any side stone, 1/5 carat or smaller, due to normal wear and tear. Any loss due to damage or unusual wear to the piece is not covered. We suggest you have all of your jewelry checked and cleaned on a quarterly basis as it is important to the life of your jewelry and is always complimentary.

This warranty does not cover chains, chain clasps or jump rings.

Please note:
Warranties are not a substitution for insurance. All items from Facets are eligible for a complimentary insurance appraisal at time of purchase. Insurance is necessary to cover items from loss, theft, mysterious disappearance and negligence. Updated appraisals at a later time are subject to an additional fee. Facets will happily appraise any of your jewelry. Please contact us for additional information and pricing.